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Technical Features

The Petsafe PIF00-12917 stay and play wireless dog fencing system is designed for yards up to 3/4 acres in size. This portable system features a water-resistant battery-operated collar receiver to offer secure, reliable containment. Patented run-through prevention and timeout between corrections help your dog learn his limits quickly and safely. It includes test light tool, rechargeable collar, dual-lead charging adapter for the collar, long and short contact points, owners manual and training guide.

The Stay and Play system consists of a Wireless fence transmitter with power adapter. When the dog approaches near the wireless perimeterthe , a special collar worn around his neck delivers a brief, totally harmless correction that discourages him from crossing the boundary. Corrections typically become less frequent as the dog learns his new limits.

PIF00-12917 Features:

  • Stay & Play Wireless Dog Fence
  • For Dogs Breeds 5 lbs & Up
  • Wireless Coverage Area Up to 105 ft.
  • Completely Portable, No Wires to Bury
  • Fit Neck Sizes 6 to 23 Inches
  • 5 Adjustable Levels of Correction
  • Beep Only Mode
  • Auto Safety Shut Off After 27 Sec
  • Low Battery Indicator Light
  • Transmitter Power Loss Alarm
  • Water Resistant Collar
  • FCC Approved

Containment Features:
  • Ideal for Flat Yards, and Portable
  • Creates a Boundary Circle with a 105 radial feet
  • Includes Wireless Fence Transmitter w/ Adapter PIF00-13210
  • Uses 6 volt Battery Module
  • Operates Multiple Collars
  • System includes 50 Training Flag
  • Incase of Power Outage the System Turns Off the Collar

  • Transmitter: Transmits the radio signal and is the center of the Pet Area.
  • Pet Area: Distance from the Transmitter where your pet can roam freely.
  • Boundary Zone: 2 to 3 foot wide area outside the Pet Area where your pet’s Receiver Collar will begin to beep and then begin to deliver a Static Correction. The correction will start in the Boundary Zone and continue anywhere beyond the Pet Area. Note: The Receiver Collar is equipped with a safety time-out feature that will stop correcting after 30 seconds if your pet remains outside the Pet Area.
  • Receiver Collar: Receives the radio signal from the Transmitter.
  • Correction Level Button: Adjusts the level of Static Correction your pet receives outside the Pet Area.
  • Receiver Indicator Light: Indicates the level of correction at which the Receiver Collar is set. This light also serves as a low battery indicator.
  • Contact Points: Deliver the safe Static Correction when your pet moves into the Boundary Zone.
  • Power Jack: Where the Power Adapter plugs into the Transmitter. The Transmitter is powered by a standard 120-volt outlet.
  • Boundary Switch: Adjust according to the size of the Pet Area desired.
  • Power Light: Indicates when the Transmitter is on. Boundary Control Dial: Adjusts the distance from the Transmitter to the Boundary Zone. Note: Adjusting the dial does not change the level of Static Correction on the Receiver Collar.